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Building & Repairing Decks to Enjoy Your Time at Home

Whether you have bought a new home or would like to improve your current residence, Hatchie Tree Service can help you optimize your exterior living space. Our locally owned and operated business builds and repairs decks in DeSoto County, MS. Whether you need a beautiful wooden deck added to your backyard or your old deck shows wear and damage, our team can help. We ensure professional work quality and protect customers during a project. Let us create a new deck at your home according to your tastes and budget, or we can keep your present outdoor feature in top condition.


Popular Materials to Build a Deck

Hatchie Tree Service wants you to be completely satisfied with your deck. We have described some popular choices in materials to help you decide which is right for your home. From durability to customization, each of the following materials has something to offer:


You can enjoy the natural beauty and durability of a wooden deck with solid construction. Various woods work well for this exterior feature, including cedar, redwood, composites, and pressure-treated wood.


Building a deck using concrete ensures a durable surface that stands up to inclement weather and lasts for years with little upkeep. You can also personalize its appearance by stamping it, staining it, and other methods to imprint patterns and mimic materials like brick and stone.


With a stone deck, you get a beautiful surface using options like flagstone. You can also install interlocking stone tiles to simplify the process and give it a consistent look.


Using pavers to build your deck comes with many benefits, including durability, easy maintenance and repairs, and a multitude of pattern options to customize its appearance. If a paver breaks, we can easily replace that single paver without having to tear up a section of the deck.

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Your deck is an integral part of your home as a place to entertain and relax. It also adds value and beauty to your home with quality materials and professional construction. Hatchie Tree Service is proud of the work we have done in the local communities. A beautiful deck is a perfect place for family get-togethers and quiet sunrises with a cup of coffee. We are committed to making every new deck and deck repair a chance to improve our customers’ outdoor enjoyment.

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