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Fishing Docks on DeSoto County, MS’s Waterfront

Fishing is a time-honored activity that offers the tranquility of waves lapping at the shoreline and the excitement of reeling in a powerful fish. Hatchie Tree Service wants to help you enjoy your time on the waterfront by building and repairing durable fishing docks. Our DeSoto County, MS clients have trusted us with their shoreline construction needs for years. As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in our work for the community and the higher level of quality we commit to each project. You might need help with loose or rotting boards, or your new home could use a brand-new fishing dock. We help you get in your leisure time by the water.

dock on pond

Our Expertise Ensures Safe & Long-Lasting Construction

Hatchie Tree Service has ample training and experience in all the services we provide. Fishing docks may seem like a simple project to complete, but there are many factors to consider. The rise and fall of the water line is a vital element when deciding the dock’s height. Anchoring the beams to support it must withstand sinking into the soft ground and the regular impact of the waves and tide. You want a fishing dock that endures years of exposure to pounding rain, intense sunlight, and humidity. We take all these factors and more into account and use our adept skills and expertise to build a dock that lasts for years.

We Keep Your Dock in Top Condition

Repairs are inevitable over the years of rainstorms, sweltering summers, and regular use. You want a team that understands how to fix problems with your fishing dock conclusively. When we come to your property, we will assess the damage, including the type and severity, and recommend the best options to restore your dock. Whether the wood is old and broken, or the beams suffer from rot, our team knows how to repair it. We perform all repairs using industry-trusted tools and techniques to ensure high-quality results. After we have finished, your fishing dock will be in top condition again and ready for children and adults to use it safely.

Build or Restore a Fishing Dock Today

Putting your fishing dock’s construction or repairs in the hands of poorly trained or apathetic builders can lead to shoddy workmanship. Trying to build or fix it yourself does not ensure quality results, and you can get injured in the process. Let Hatchie Tree Service‘s fully trained team take care of your fishing dock. We care about making your investment worthwhile and perform every service with a dedication to your satisfaction and long-lasting quality.

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